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7 morning habits to have a good day

Having a positive mindset and living a healthy life play a huge role in our lives however having the right start to your day will make all the difference. 

I want to show you how 7 healthy habits squeezed into your morning routine will keep your mind calm, your body healthy and really set the tone for a positive day!!

Healthy Habits #1 Set your Alarm Early

Waking up early in the morning is a great way to kick start the day, its amazing how a few extra hours in the morning can do wonders. It can be difficult at the start but if the intention is set it creates a host of wonderful opportunities for you to be more productive, creative and organised for your day ahead. Starting your day early can have such a positive effect on your mood, improve your concentration and memory and it is also said that people who wake up early have better brainpower, superior critical thinking and problem solving!!

So set that alarm clock early!!!

Healthy Habits #2 Drink a Tall Glass of Lemon Water

Lemon is a fruit that does a lot of wonders in the body as it has tons of benefits. Drinking a large glass of lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to hydrate the body, as we actually become slightly dehydrated overnight. I love starting my day with a glass of water with fresh lemon juice because it helps to promote healthy skin, a healthy digestive system, and provides electrolytes to help hydrate the body. Not only that, lemons are high in vitamin C which helps to boost your immune system, and drinking lemon water helps to promote and enhance liver detoxification.

One way to flush away all the toxins from your body is to prepare yourself a tall glass of fresh lemon water before you eat breakfast. To do this squeeze half a lemon and put into a 480ml glass of water.

Healthy Habits #3 Give yourself a Relaxing Face Massage with Essential Oils

If you find it difficult to get up in the morning, you’ll likely benefit from adding essential oils into your morning routine. Much like essential oils to help with sleep, there are essential oils available that can provide you with an energy boost for the rest of the day just like Peppermint oil. This popular oil can provide a range of benefits to boost morning productivity, including improving focus and concentration. So ditch that cup of coffee and try some essential oils for waking you up and preparing you for the day.

Healthy Habits #4 Move Your Body

Your body needs a healthy dose of exercise and working out a sweat first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to feel energized and happier all day long. However morning exercises do not have to be quite intense and strenuous, so simple stretching exercises will do. Stretching wakes the muscles up from sleep. It helps prepare them for day’s work to prevent sprains or sudden muscle pains. You can also catch the relaxing morning breeze by going for a walk or run and connect with nature. The idea of a morning workout is to get connected with your body and mind before the stress and pressures of the day begins.

Healthy Habits #5 Make a To-Do List

A To-Do list doesn’t forget!!! Making a To-do list is a great way to keep you on track and keep you organised. Think about the things you want and need to do for the day. Writing them down not only makes your list of activities more organized but also gives you a sense of determination to make sure the today’s tasks are achieved well. My tip would be to write your list while you’re in bed the night before I usually put it in my notes on my phone or my dairy.

Healthy Habits #6 Guided Morning Mediation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation can relax your mind and body and find peace before a stressful day. Studies have shown it can make you feel more focused, helps you energize and can help reduce stress, anxiety and also boost your creativity.

By taking just 5-10mins out of your morning routine gives your mind and body a chance to wake up and set the intention before you dive into your busy day ahead! 

Guided Mediation can be listened to anywhere, in bed, waiting for your breakfast smoothie to blend or while your stretching, walking or on your way to work.

Healthy Habits #7 Blend a Healthy Veggie and Fruit Juice or Smoothie

Blending healthy vegetables and fruit into a juice or smoothie first thing in the morning has so many amazing health benefits; it Alkalizes the body, Gives All-day Energy, Improves Gut Health, Enhances Detoxification and Supports a healthy immune system.

By condensing several servings of fruit, vegetables, and other super-foods into a single, easy-to-consume drink makes it an incredibly nutrient-dense with an impressive list of health benefits.

So make sure you get it in you!!

My favourite Green Juice recipe is; 2 cups of baby Spinach – 1 medium Green apple – 1 large Cucumber – a small handful of Parsley – 1 medium Lemon peeled  – 1 inch Ginger put into blender or a Juicer. If using a blender it can be strain if you like a smoother consistency.


Hi, I’m Rima, Health Coach and founder of B Empowered Health & Wellness Coaching and I’m so excited to share my Endless Energy Guide with you!

The Endless Energy Program is a great start to guide you in feeling your best all day everyday!