Rima Cham

Your health and wellness coach.

I have a passion for nutrition and understanding how food has the power to aid in healing and restoring the body. This stems mainly from my own health issues with gut and digestive issues, hormone imbalances, acne and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which lead to being told I wouldn’t be able to have children. I quickly learnt that although the doctors could stop some of my symptoms, it was never a permanent fix and it never addressed the root cause of my problems. This was how my quest to find answers began, and I started on my health and wellness journey.

I’m fortunate now that I have four beautiful children with my husband — with all the joys and troubles that can bring! A few years ago, my son was diagnosed with food allergies and constantly battled recurring tonsillitis. As you can imagine, this sparked my drive to understand the relation between food and the body, but it wasn’t until my husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that my thirst for knowledge turned into an obsession.

I already had a broad understanding how foods and the stresses of a busy lifestyle will take a toll on a person’s health and cause imbalance within the body, and so, and with the help of practitioners, supplements and my knowledge of holistic healing, my husband’s body was nourished back to optimal health.

Be Empowered About Page
Be Empowered About Page

That passion drove me to become a certified nutrition, health and wellness coach.

I now possess the knowledge, experience, tools and expertise to transform my clients, guiding them to live a life that is balanced and, more importantly, enjoyable. Life should be about more than just food or diet.

For me, life is about catching up with friends and family, breaking a sweat at the gym or enjoying my newfound interest in gardening and growing my own fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, it’s about me being present and focused when I’m around my husband and children. I don’t want to miss a second!

Being well is a lifestyle, you just have to live it. Let me show you how.

We’re on your side, every step of the way.

Making changes to your health is never easy, and it helps to have someone in your corner to guide you along the way and to help you change for the better — so you can be empowered.


Hi, I’m Rima, Health Coach and founder of B Empowered Health & Wellness Coaching and I’m so excited to share my Endless Energy Guide with you!

The Endless Energy Program is a great start to guide you in feeling your best all day everyday!